Mid Central Health Board

These scholarships are aimed at people volunteering or intending to work in the MidCentral health sector and are passionate about contributing to Māori health improvement in the MidCentral district.

On behalf of Manawhenua Hauora & Pae Ora Paiaka Whaiora Hauora – Māori Health Directorate, MDHB is proud to provide scholarships to current students studying at various levels who hail from the MidCentral region. Led by Tracee Te Huia General Manager, Māori Health Pae Ora Paiaka Whaiora Hauora – Māori Health Directorate (MDHB); MDHBs Kaimahi Ora Whānau Ora – Māori Workforce Development Strategy prioritises growing the Māori workforce and building the competency of the non-Māori workforce to improve Māori health outcomes. These scholarships aim to support the non-regulated and targeted areas of the regulated workforce to develop formal competencies in their current roles and develop their potential to move into other health sector roles and careers.

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