Ngā Raumanako Memorial Māori Undergraduate Scholarships


Ngā Raumanako Memorial Māori Undergraduate Scholarships

The Ngā Raumanako Māori Scholarship is for Māori tauira who have a passion for accounting. The recipient will need to clearly articulate how this scholarship will help them to achieve their aspirations in the accounting field and how these can contribute to the economic and financial well-being of Māori.The successful recipient of the Ngā Raumanako Māori Scholarship will receive $5,000 over a two year period as well as the opportunity to gain an internship with one of the Ngā Kaitatau Māori o Aotearoa network partners.The internship opportunity will allow the recipient to gain valuable practical experience within an accounting environment. They will learn new skills and build their confidence and gain industry knowledge and experience from a team of experienced accounting professionals. This will give them great insight in to the career pathway and opportunities for a Māori Accountant.

Total Value: $5,000Total Recipients: 1Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility criteria - The applicant must

  • be enrolled and studying accountancy (either full or part time)at a Chartered Accountants ANZ accredited tertiary institutionoffering Chartered Accountant, Associate CharteredAccountant or Accounting Technician qualifications
  • complete the application form in full, following all instructionsand providing all required documentation
  • satisfy the criteria specified in the personal impact statementsection of the scholarship application form
  • be able to demonstrate that he/she intends to pursueaccounting as a career
  • be registered with
  • be available to attend an interview to discuss their application
  • Disclose any conviction and if required give consent fora criminal record search. Non-disclosure could make anapplicant ineligible

Background information and acknowledgements

  1. Chartered Accountants ANZ and its appointed scholarshipSelection Panel (the Committee) will evaluate each applicationbased on the quality of the information provided by theapplicant and his/her referees. In addition to evaluating thequality of the application material, the Committee will alsoconsider extra curricular activities, community involvementand career ambitions.
  2. Decisions made by Chartered Accountants ANZ and/or theCommittee will be final and no correspondence or discussionwill be entered into.
  3. By submitting the application, the applicant acknowledgesthat Chartered Accountants ANZ and the Committee willbe collecting personal information about him/her and thatChartered Accountants ANZ will rely on such information forthe purposes of determining the outcome of the application.
  4. By signing the declaration on the application form theapplicant confirms that the information provided is trueand correct. A false or misleading declaration made by anChartered Accountants ANZ member will constitute a breachof Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s Codeof Ethics.
  5. The applicant acknowledges that Chartered AccountantsANZ is not obligated to award any scholarships in any year andscholarships will not normally be granted to applicants receivinga full salary.
  6. The applicant authorises Chartered Accountants ANZ and/orthe Committee to lawfully obtain at any time from any personor entity, any information about the applicant that CharteredAccountants ANZ and/or the Committee considers necessary ordesirable in order to process the application and the applicantauthorises such person or entity to release this information.
  7. Scholarship Recipients may apply in subsequent years forfurther funding from Chartered Accountants Australia andNew Zealand.
  8. Unsuccessful applicants may also re-apply in subsequent years.The Scholarship may be held concurrently with other awardsor scholarships obtained by the applicant. However, applicantsmust include in their application details of any other funding ofany nature applied for or already awarded to the applicant. Iffunds have already been received, applicants should includedetails of how those funds were applied.
  9. Two written references are required on behalf of the Applicantone of whom must be an academic referee who should highlightthe skills of the applicant as a student and his/her ability tocomplete the accounting qualification on schedule. The refereeshould also outline the applicant’s intention to enter the NewZealand accounting profession, and his/her level of support forthe application. The second referee must be a character refereewho knows the applicant personally who should outline not onlythe applicants’ ability as a student, but also his/her contributionto, and support of his/her iwi/hapū/whanau or communitythrough extra curricular activities.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicants who are awarded a scholarship (Recipient) must signthis document confirming that he/she agrees to the Terms andConditions under which the scholarship has been awarded andmust provide a copy to Chartered Accountants ANZ before anyscholarship funds will be paid. The Recipient must acknowledgeto Chartered Accountants ANZ receipt of all scholarship funds.
  2. Scholarship funds may only used by the Recipient to pay fortuition fees and study related costs. The scholarship funds mustnot be used for payment of professional membership feesor any other purpose not expressly authorised by CharteredAccountants ANZ.
  3. If the Recipient of either scholarship is currently in their final year
  4. If the Recipient is an Chartered Accountants Australia andNew Zealand member, he/she will be bound by the Rules of theNew Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (as amendedfrom time to time) and by Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Code ofEthics (as amended from time to time).
  5. The Recipient must acknowledge the funding received fromChartered Accountants ANZ in all published materials.
  6. In the event the Recipient discontinues or withdraws fromhis/her course of study during a scholarship funding year, orthe focus of the Recipient’s study or research changes, theRecipient must immediately notify the Committee in writing,following which the Committee may:a. terminate the Scholarship, in the event of which, CharteredAccountants ANZ will not be obliged to make any furtherpayments to the Recipient; and/ora. require the Recipient to refund all or part of the scholarshipfunds paid to, or on behalf of, the Recipient.
  7. If the Committee considers that the Recipient is makinginsufficient or unsatisfactory progress in achievinghis/her qualification, including the grades achieved,the Committee may:a. terminate the Scholarship, in the event of which, CharteredAccountants ANZ will not be obliged to make any furtherpayments to the Recipient; and/orb. require the Recipient to refund all or part of the Scholarshipfunds paid to, or on behalf of, the Recipient.
  8. If Chartered Accountants ANZ or the Committee becomesaware that any information provided to it by the Recipient isfalse, erroneous or misleading, Chartered Accountants ANZ,without limitation, reserves its right to:a. terminate the Scholarship, in the event of which, CharteredAccountants ANZ will not be obliged to make any furtherpayments to the Recipient; and/orc. require the Recipient to refund all or part of the Scholarshipfunds paid to, or on behalf of, the Recipient.
  9. Chartered Accountants ANZ may review and amend the terms and conditions applying to the scholarships at any time.

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