Ngāmanawa Incorporation

The Ngāmanawa Incorporation was created in the coming together of various land block owners in 1968

Ngāmanawa is a Māori Incorporation that protects, develops, and manages its assets in order to contribute to the economic, cultural, and social prosperity of its owners. The Incorporation’s primary business interest since inception, has been centred within the forestry industry; however, in recent times, the aim of diversifying the asset base alongside forestry has resulted in business activities across a mix of horticulture and equity investments including kiwifruit, blueberries and Rockit apples. They also manage Waitaia Lodge for whānau and locals within the community and distribute grants to our uri. The Ngāmanawa team continue to work with local organisations to monitor and protect our whenua, wai and taonga species in the Kaimai Ranges such as Kiwi, Kokako, Tuna heke and Kauri.

Trust Website
For more information on the trust’s history and operations and to apply for the Ngāmanawa Inc. scholarship(s), visit their website.