Parininihi Ki Waitotara

The PKW Trust was established in 1983 to support Taranaki whānui with their education and cultural aspirations

Today, some of those recipients serve on the Committee of Management and in key leadership roles in our community. Parininihi ki Waitotara represent the interests of over 11,000 shareholders and are governed by a seven-member Committee of Management who are trusted and elected by the shareholders. The Trust’s mission is to ‘Seed Potential’ and we are proud of the many seeds we have supported over the years. The heart of our story is the people who entrusted the care of their whenua for our collective benefit we have several affiliated Iwi within Taranaki, that we continue that legacy by - providing opportunities for our people; increasing our active management over our ancestral land; protecting and growing our assets for the current and future generations; and excelling commercially, environmentally, and culturally.  

Trust Website
For more information on the trust’s history, operations and to apply for their scholarships, visit their website.