2023 Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship

The objective of the Rose Hellaby Postgraduate scholarship is to encourage Māori students to expand their horizons by pursuing higher education to reach their full potential in their chosen field of study. The scholarships are aimed towards developing today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders thereby benefitting their Whānau / Iwi and the wider community. These prestigious scholarships are available to Māori students with a record of proven academic excellence, undertaking Masters or PhD postgraduate study in the fields of engineering, mathematics, science, technology or medicine.  Study can be carried out in New Zealand or overseas.  Previous recipients cannot reapply for a Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship.

Applications must be received by  Sunday, 30 Paenga-whāwhā (April) 2023.

Eligibility Applicants must:

  1. be of New Zealand Māori descent;
  2. be enrolled at a tertiary institute at the time the application is submitted;
  3. meet the criteria for the scholarship;
  4. submit the application and supporting documentation on time.

This scholarship is a paper-based scholarship only.  Please download a copy of the application and submit along with all your supporting documentation to the Māori Education Trust by  Sunday, 30 Paenga-whāwhā (April) 2023.

Email: info@maorieducation.org.nz for an application form.