Land Trusts

The Māori Education Trust has partnered with many Māori Land Trusts. You must whakapapa to the iwi where the Māori Land Blocks are located. If you cannot whakapapa to the iwi you cannot be a beneficiary of the land and therefore you will not be eligible. If you can whakapapa to the iwi then you need to be able to demonstrate who can whakapapa as a beneficiary of the named shareholders to the land block. If you have registered with them the iwi should be able to check your registration details on their database. If you are unsure of your connection to a shareholder or to the land you can go to the Māori Land online web site for more information. Go to Block Search and enter the name of the Māori Land Block and there you will find who all the listed beneficiaries are.

Māori Land Online

Māori Land Blocks in Te Arawa Iwi Rohe

Māori Land Blocks in the Tūwharetoa Iwi Rohe

Māori Land Blocks in the Tauranga Moana Iwi Rohe

Māori Land Blocks in the Mataatua Rohe

Other Trusts

Te Āti Hau Trust

Oromāhoe Trust

Parininihi ki Waitotara Trust

Aohanga Incorporation